Dell 2 Monitor Setup


Dell 2 Monitor Setup | Do you want to increase your productivity by connecting two monitors to your Dell computer? It’s easy! With our comprehensive guide, you’ll be able to connect two monitors and get the most out of your workstation in no time.

Connecting Two Monitors To A Dell Computer – Step by Step Guide

Discover the easiest way of connecting two monitors to your Dell computer with our comprehensive guide! Follow the steps and enjoy increased productivity in no time!

Determine Monitor Connector Types.

Before you can connect two monitors to your Dell computer, you’ll need to determine the type of monitor connectors available. Most common types are HDMI, VGA, DVI and DisplayPort. Make sure that both your monitors are using an identical connector type for optimal performance.

For example, if one monitor is using DVI and the other VGA, consider getting a conversion adapter which allows for easy connection.

Identify the Available Connectors on Your PC or Laptop.

Start by locating the video output port on your Dell PC or Laptop. For most models, this will be either located on the rear or side. Some common video outputs include HDMI, VGA, DVI and DisplayPort. On some newer systems, Thunderbolt and USB-C may be available as well. Once you have identified the available connectors, you’ll need to match them to the monitors you plan to use.

  1. Once you’ve identified the available connectors, you will need to verify that the monitors and Dell PC or Laptop are compatible.
  2. Next, connect the two monitors to the video output ports on your Dell system.
  3. Depending on which connector you are using, you may need an adapter cable.
  4. Some common adapters are HDMI-to-VGA and DisplayPort-to-DVI.
  5. Finally, power each monitor on and configure its settings in Windows according to your personal preferences.
  6. Once this is complete, you should be able to enjoy a dual monitor setup with your Dell PC or Laptop!

Start with One Monitor and Check Display Settings.

  1. Begin by connecting a single monitor and verifying your display settings are correct.
  2. Once you have completed all necessary adjustments, open the Windows Device Manager and add the second monitor if it isn’t already detected.
  3. At this point, you should be able to enable multiple displays under the same graphics card settings.
  4. If needed, make sure your video output settings match both of your monitors.

4 Use Display Split Software to Organise Multiple Monitors.

If you find it difficult to stay organised while using multiple monitors, you can always opt for display split software. It will help you with window management as well as let you use virtual desktops that can be easily switched between. This way, you won’t have to worry about switching between applications too often or trying to remember where things are located. Not only does this feature make your workspace more comfortable, but it also increases efficiency by helping you manage multiple tasks at once.

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Display split software is specifically designed to work with Dell computers, so connecting a second monitor or more will be relatively straightforward. Depending on your version of Windows and the number of monitors you want to use, you will find different display split applications available. Some of these programs are free, while others require a paid subscription for more advanced features. Once installed, just plug your monitors into one of the HDMI ports on your Dell computer and configure the software to start managing your windowed applications and virtual desktop workspace. With a few clicks, you’ll be able to organise the layout of your multiple monitors exactly as you need it.

Best vertical monitor for dual setup

1. LG 34UM68-P 34-Inch 21:9 UltraWide IPS Monitor

The LG 34UM68-P monitor features an ultra-wide IPS display with a 21:9 aspect ratio and a 3,440 x 1,440 pixel resolution. It has a refresh rate of up to 75Hz, support for AMD FreeSync technology and it’s capable of displaying over one billion colors for vivid visuals with accurate color reproduction. Additionally, it comes with game mode which adjusts the picture settings for optimal gaming performance.

2. ASUS Designo MX259H 25-Inch Full HD Monitor

The Asus Designo MX259H monitor is designed for those who need more screen space without compromising on quality or design. It boasts of a slim and stylish profile, featuring an ultra slim 25-inch Full HD display with a wide 178° viewing angle alongside dual 2w speakers at the bottom to amplify your entertainment experience. Other features include eye care technology to reduce eyestrain as well as Vivid Pixel technology that enhances image clarity by delivering an additional boost in contrast.

3. Samsung CJ89 Series Curved Super Ultra-Wide Monitor

This super ultra-wide 49″ curved monitor from Samsung is the perfect choice if you’re looking for boosted multitasking capabilities while preserving amazing picture quality at the same time. It offers thick bezels and 145 PPI delivers richer colors along with HDR support and superior brightness giving off crystal clear visuals even during dark scenes in movies and video games alike, ensuring an immersive experience no matter what you’re doing on your computer. With its Adaptive Sync Technology you can also enjoy smooth gameplay with reduced stuttering and screen tearing, making this one of the best vertical monitors available today.

4. Dell U3818DW 38″ Curved USB C UltraSharp Monitor

The Dell U3818DW monitor offers a large curved 38″ display along with functions like USB Type C Power Delivery (PD) plus integrated Audio line out which allows you stream audio out up to 80W allowing all your external speakers/headphones to connect directly via USB C instead of having separate cables going from each device directly into your PC or laptop thus decluttering your desktop setup considerably! It also has Picture by Picture(PBP) Mode for split-screen viewing options so you can easily compare two inputs side by side without losing resolution or clarity on either side!

5. HP EliteDisplay S270n 27″ Micro Edge Pro Display

The HP EliteDisplay S270n MicroEdge Pro Display offers not just great visual quality but also enhanced portability due to its thin profile which makes it ideal for using in cramped spaces like dual displays setups or tight desks where space is extremely limited! It features built in stereo speakers plus VESA mount compatibility so that it can be mounted directly onto any wall compatible mounts therefore simplifying mounting installations while preserving desk space even further! And lastly, the quick source switching hot key feature found on the included remote control lets you switch between various picture modes quickly ensuring effortless adjustment when needed!

6. MSI Optix MAG321CQR 31 5” 144 Hz QHD Curved Gaming Display

This is another great vertical monitor choice especially if gaming performance matters most – equipped with a crisp Quad High Definition 31 5” display you get incredible detail when playing or watching movies/videos; moreover 144Hz refresh rates delivering vibrant visuals without blurring; coupled with true color accuracy gives gamers the sharpest pictures possible when playing intense games! The curve helps draw viewers into whatever content they are watching as well as providing more room across the screen area compared to flat displays enabling faster responses in FPS games making this monitor ideal for serious gamers looking to really upgrade their current setup!.

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7. Acer Predator X34P 34” Ultrawide QHD G Sync Gaming Monitor

Last but certainly not least Acer’s Predator X34P ultrawide gaming monitor gives users vast amounts of real estate outputting 3440x1440p resolutions along with sharp images thanks to its vibrant Nanoim Printbacklit LCD display panels; plus unbeatable fluid action sequences delivered by its G Sync Technology ensures focused reaction times free from energy sapping expensive dropped frames when playing competing gamers online – ideal choice anyone wanting exceptional visual performance while enjoying immersive gaming sessions!

Best Cheap Monitor For Dual Setup

1. Dell 21.5-Inch SE2216HV Monitor: This budget-friendly widescreen monitor is the ideal solution for a dual-monitor setup. It’s HD+ resolution and anti-glare panel make it great for gaming, watching movies, or working on creative projects. It features an adjustable stand, height adjustment settings up to 5° forward or 20° back tilt, and VESA mount compatibility. Plus, with its 2 HDMI ports you can easily connect this monitor to other devices quickly and conveniently.

2. Asus Designo MX27AQ Monitor: For those who want something with a little extra flair, this immersive 27″ widescreen monitor from ASUS offers stunning visuals with its 4K UHD picture quality and 178° wide view angles for an impressive display experience. It also features built-in SonicMaster Voice technology for flawless audio clarity and dual HDMI interface connectivity for convenience of sync with two separate device sources at once making this monitor a suitable choice for a dual setup requirement.

3. AOC 24G2U/BK 23.6″ Frameless Gaming IPS Monitor: This excellent monitor allows you to enjoy your games in full glory without spending too much money on it! The 23.6” frameless borderless design along with its 1920×1080 resolution offers viewers amazing detail along with 1ms response time and 75Hz refresh rate which is optimal for esport titles like League of Legends or Counter Strike Global Offensive . Additionally the IPS panel provides brilliant colors from all different angles making this an excellent choice if you are looking to purchase a cheap but reliable dual monitor setup while still maintaining perfect performance levels.

4. HPE 24ea 23.8′ FHD LED Backlit LCD Monitor: Another great option when it comes to finding a cheaper yet reliable dual monitor setup is the HPE 24ea Monitor! With Full HD 1080p resolution, support of over 16 million colors, and quick 7ms response time this model offers impressive performance whether you are viewing pictures, watching videos or playing games without breaking your bank balance greatly in the process! Its versatile stand has height adjustable functions allowing flexible screen management across different applications while additional HDMI port alleviates cable clutter from the workspace further boosting productivity levels in the long run!

5. Acer SB220Q bi 19 .5 Inches Full HD (1920 X 1080) IPS Ultra-Thin Zero Frame Display: Are you looking for something ultra affordable yet super efficient? If yes then look no further than Acer SB220Q bi 19 .5 Inches Full HD (1920 X 1080) IPS Ultra-Thin Zero Frame Display ! This model delivers High Definition visuals along with outstanding clarity thanks to its AMD FreeSync technology that reduces image tearing as well as stuttering cause due to conflicting graphics ensuring smooth gameplay experience overall irrespective of what type of game you play! On top of that two USB ports allow users breathing room when connecting USB devices making this an ideal choice when everyone is looking towards prevent their pocket costs too!

Best Budget Monitor for Dual Setup

1. Dell Professional 2DP 24″

The Dell Professional 2DP 24″ monitor is a fantastic budget option for those who want a dual setup with two screens. This monitor features two DisplayPort connections, allowing you to connect two computers or two different displays side-by-side. It also has an IPS panel that provides excellent viewing angles and colors. The only major drawback of this monitor is the low 1080p resolution, but the picture quality and price are still impressive.

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2. LG 29WK500

The LG 29WK500 is an affordable option for those looking to set up a dual monitor setup on a budget. This monitor features two HDMI ports as well as two Display Ports, making it suitable for both gaming and office use. It offers amazing colors thanks to its IPS panel and offers Full HD resolution which should be more than enough for most tasks. If you need a cheap yet reliable solution, then the LG 29WK500 is definitely the way to go.

3. BenQ GW2283

The BenQ GW2283 is another great budget dual monitor option that offers impressive features at an even more impressive price tag. The monitor includes two HDMI ports along with one VGA port and one DVI port, which gives you plenty of flexibility in terms of connecting multiple devices or screens simultaneously. The display itself has an aesthetically pleasing design and comes equipped with full HD resolution and IPS technology for better viewing angles and color accuracy.

4. Acer G226HQL 21.5” LED LCD Monitor

If you’re looking for an affordable, reliable dual monitor setup without breaking the bank, then check out Acer’s G226HQL 21 5’ LED LCD Monitor . This product comes with an excellent range of connections ranging from DVI all the way up to HDMI2 0 . Additionally , there’s also integrated speakers , so you won’t have isolated audio when using your computer or TV . With its slim design , anti -glare screen coating , conservation enhancements , and affordably priced this is another terrific budget pick if you’re going shopping around on monitors

5. Asus VS248HR Monitor

For those who need a dependable dual Setup display at an enticing price point, look no further than the Asus VS248HR Monitor . While it may not have as many ports as some of its competitors – this model employs the standard VGA connection – but it otherwise delivers decent performance thanks to its vibrant 1080p resolution , 5 ms response time , quick start mode key press controls , quick adjust settings , integrated Splendid Video Preset Mode which adjusts settings based on user preference & more ! Its slimline profile & energy efficient rating make this model one popular choice among consumers!

6. AOC 22V2Q/WT/75 22”IPS Panel Monitor

If you don’t want to own separate monitors for each task–the AOC 22V2Q / WT / 77 could be great alternative ! Featuring both VGA & HDMI ports & support resolutions up-to 1920 x 1080P @ 60Hz along with fast 4ms response time & great image quality ratio (I Sync) technology this product could easily become your favorite piece of equipment in no time . Plus included 3 year warranty makes your investment risk free! 7 LG 49WL95C UltraWide 5K Curved LED – LCD Monitor For high end workstation setups– nothing compares with LG’s 49 WL95C ultra wide 5 K curved LED – LCD monitoring combo Solution ! This 32 : 9 48 inch curvedultrawide QHD 3840 x 1080P resolution display supports HDR 10 technologies & covers 98% DCI_P3 color gamut providing images four times sharper detail compared normal Full HD flat screen alternatives . Additionally designed ergonomic stand adjustable tilt capabilities make this ideal long hours desk work!

Best monitor for dual setup

Size 26″ Pixels Types IPS Max Refresh Rate 30 Hz Variable Refresh Rates No VRR Native Resolution 2460 x 1460 HDR10 Yes The most reliable dual setup display in the world has been compared to Dell XPS U220. The 25 inch screen makes it easy for you to move two together in an instant, offering many useful applications for work. In addition to its USB ports, the device supports two USB-C ports.


Setup with Dualscreen Monitors offers tremendous freedom and makes it easy to use multiple windows simultaneously. Choosing an LCD monitor for a dual configuration is different from buying a single LCD monitor alone. If you’re looking for an ergonomic design it will be helpful to have an IPS display that supports the daisy chain connecting directly to another monitor.


How do I setup dual monitors Dell?

Right-click on any screen is possible from any screen you see it on. Choose display.

Can you connect 2 Dell monitors together?

Using Dell’s Dell docking station for the connection of multiple monitors Many docking stations have video connections for two external monitors. When connected via a port or docking station, the laptop can disable the LCD screen by switching the laptop monitor instead.

How do I set up 2nd monitor?

Install a double monitor on Windows. Select Starting, click Settings and click OK. In System, click ‘Displays’ button. … Choose the drop-down menu beside the image on your computer for your display. You can now apply the configuration.

How do I get my Dell to recognize my second monitor?

In some circumstances detection is possible by dragging Win+P or PressFn+F8 to automatically switch the mode for displaying video output. This mode of dGPPU is disabled in the computer’s BIOS. Please consult your user guides for navigating to the BIOS and changing dGPU mode.

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